Multifactor Authentication (MFA)


Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is currently enabled for all Syracuse University Faculty, Staff, and Students accessing SUMail, Office365, MySlice, Blackboard, Syracuse University Zoom, Google Workspace, Kaltura Videos (, and many other web-based applications.

MFA is an added verification step during authentication that helps to prevent the unauthorized use of NetIDs and passwords by ensuring that only the account owners themselves can access their account.

Commonly described as two-step, two-factor, or “something you know and something you have.” In this analogy, “something you know” refers to your NetID and password and “something you have” is a timed, unique code generated just for you.

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Configuring Your Account

Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator App

First time set-up for Microsoft Multifactor Authentication

Using the Microsoft Authenticator App

Using the Microsoft Authenticator Mobile Application

Modify Existing Multi-factor Authentication

Manage or update your authentication settings at

Traveling with MFA

If you are traveling and need to access your MFA protected Syracuse University accounts, be sure to configure authentication methods you will have available prior to traveling. Syracuse Abroad students should configure their MFA as soon as possible.

Configuring the Microsoft Authenticator App before you leave enables your access to protected University accounts regardless of location. Students should ensure their authentication methods function correctly and should be sure to have their configured mobile app when they go abroad.

No Methods Available While Traveling or Abroad? 

If you have any limitations which prohibit the use of the Microsoft Authenticator App methods while traveling, please contact the ITS Help Desk 


Getting Support

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk at 315-443-2677,, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.

Faculty and staff are highly encouraged to begin support by contacting their academic or administrative support personnel. 

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