Academic Integrity

Integrity matters. Explore the student resources available to you on from Syracuse University’s Academic Integrity Office.

Students are encouraged to communicate with their instructors if there are any concerns regarding proper citation. Students can also contact the Academic Integrity Office with any questions or comments.


It is not unusual for students to experience academic and/or other difficulty at some point during their college career. We are here to help should problems arise and encourage students to seek assistance as early as possible.

Academic Probation/Suspension

Students who fall below grade point average (GPA) requirements for good academic standing (2.0) by the College of Visual and Performing Arts are placed on academic probation.

All probation students are assigned to the director of student support services. Students are responsible for working with the director of student support services to identify sources of difficulty, create a plan of action for improvement, and follow through with semester goals.

This is a general breakdown of probation categories:

  • College Probation: Students are placed on college probation if they have one semester below a 2.0 but an overall GPA that is above 2.0.
  • Academic Probation: Students who have a cumulative grade point average below a 2.0 are generally placed on academic probation and are given a one-term trial semester to improve their academic standing.
  • Academic Suspension: Extreme cases of academic deficiency may result in academic suspension from the college.

All decisions about probation and subsequent suspensions are made by the VPA Academic Standards Committee. Please refer to the VPA Undergraduate Student Handbook and Syracuse University’s undergraduate course catalog for more information.